Suggestion crazy idea 💡

Could there be a plan or someway to track the bot via mobile phones? Connect the mob application with the bot with the same username&pw and when you login you can track your chars boting and then we update it to control them and then we can get full access to control the bot remotely via mobile phones…

Its such an idea i’ve thought about and will be really helpfull and amazing to have… Sometimes you go home and find one of your char bugs somehow and need just 1 click to work normally and you find it been like this for hours so if we have got an apllication we can access to our bots and can control them gonna be so sweet…

Just for discussion, have a nice day everyone =)

Possible but a lot of work.

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sure it will need much work and experience but will make phBot more unique and more different and the best game bot ever made, also gonna make you much money from downloading at play store and apple store… think it deserves the try!!

I doubt Apple would approve it since it would be for an MMO bot.

dam apple, im not apple fanboy anyway… android ftw <3

Just use TeamViewer for Mobile Devices :wink:

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Am talking about full access while am not home

Yea i know. Just connect with Teamviewer to your pc and you can do what you want

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You tried it and working with you?

I think you don´t know for what Teamviewer ist made
It´s made for control a computer via remote connection. So why it should not working?

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I’ve tried it… Dam its extremely amazing

Thanks dude :heart::heart:

also anydesk is better for android =)

Teamviewer is really great… Workin gud for me, same id & pw open it anytime and everywhere i got a connection :eyes::relaxed:

I wouldn’t mind making something basic to view the stats of each bot but mobile development sucks. Using TeamViewer would give you way more control anyway.

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Yes ryan, i recognized that lately… I was thinking about that economical for your bot which will gain much more money from this application and more easier than t.v which gonna be specific a mob app

you can track you chars with a simple web app that you can acces with your phone, by using manager’s ftp and http stat sender feature

You are thinking wrong way. I always check my characters via Teamviewer with full screen.

yup, same here… just recognized that <3

lol, i think you can do this without anything, just setup anydesk on ur phone and pc and connect i use it since 5 years :smiley: and i can do what i want by phone.

Anydesk is the Same as TeamViewer - a Remote Software. So you can do the same. Perhaps the handling is different but it depends on the User experience