Hey @Ryan to come back at something i asked some while ago, u know isro exp rates are so bad im thinking ur bot can help us in a special way like always.

For now using monster scrolls/ pandora box we have option use all that are in inventory or wait untill last mob is killed.

It would really help us alot if u can make or a condition that count ( strong ) mobs and open another monster scroll, for example use monsterscroll with certain strong mobs left (5) so when 5 mobs left it will open a new monster scrolls so there will be always 5+ strong mobs, it would help us lvl up from 5 years to 2.5 years :sweat_smile: .

Thanks in advance… u the best

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You can do this already with Python. But only with Monster Scrolls and Not with pandora.

And maybe can add this options check caracther if 8/8 the party.Open the monster scroll and pandora If not full the party not open :slight_smile: ? :slight_smile:

Im not rly a pro on python :sweat_smile: can u help me true maybe ?

anyone that can write me what to write in the .py file ? to open monster scroll true condition>python , thanks

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