[Suggestion] Better Pickfilter for Magic Rare Legend

[Suggestion] Better Pickfilter/Stallfilter for Magic Rare Legend

Hi WeeMan,

can u add an option into Pick Filter for searching Magic Rare Legend individual?

For example i want search all CHN Armor in 12d Magic.

its an old suggestion but still need it

You can’t just type “Legend” in the search box?

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If u just type “Legend” in the search box, it will show 12d 13d 14d 15d Legend couse it filter from full database, it need to be filtered from last search
searching for example 13d Legend it not work it also not filter EU or CH

I should be able to do that. When you search it’ll remove the ones that don’t match.

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Added. It will be in the next version.

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thx a lot :+1:
I’ll test it and tell you

i have tryed it in v21.4.7 , working perfekt filtering is so much easy now

it wound be amazing if u add the same filter to Stall Tab

baby name builder

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One Filter in the Stall Section would be great

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Yes we need better filter for Stall Tab :+1:

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