Suggestion API Union Party

Hi @Ryan,

can you add get_union() or get_unionparty() to the API ?


Sure, next version.

get_guild and get_guild_union

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Thanks :slight_smile: :heart:

Ah this will contain only the guild names
What i mean is the Party Union like get_party()

Can you add this too?

I was thinking about it but that is a lot of data. I also can’t test it.

Sad :frowning:
Thought it isn´t much work because you aleady has it in the bot.

What do you need it for?

So i see which of my chars is on spot and i can optimize my scripts.
It´s simular to get_players() but on this way i see only my chars and no one can abuse this function

Will you add it or reactivate get_players?

Do you thought about it to add union in python like get_party()?

I’ll add it but I have no way of making a union party so I can’t test it.

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I have one so i can test it :slight_smile:

The function is get_party_union()

hmm seems i have to wait that my chars get dc. Can´t replace the exe at the moment

You can rename the old one.

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Sorry for the late response but its hard to login in isro…

	265: {
		265: {
			'name': 'Verya01', 
			'guild': '', 
			'level': 81,
			'player_id': 16315535,
			'hp_percent': 0,
			'mp_percent': 0,
			'x': 0.0,
			'y': 0.0,
			'angle': 0.0
		300: {
			300: {
				'name': 'Verya02', 
				'guild': 'MyGuild',
				'level': 90,
				'player_id': 19147259,
				'hp_percent': 10,
				'mp_percent': 10,
				'x': 0.0,
				'y': 0.0,
				'angle': 0.0

Seems something is wrong.
I didn´t get all chars.
In PT 1 are 6 chars and in PT 2 are 2 chars but i get only 2 names? And also the 2 names are not from one pt. One Name is from PT 1 and the other name from PT 2

Make sure the players are showing up correctly on the union party tab. I can’t test any of that so it might not be working correctly.