Stuck issue

Hello Guys
Do Any One Have This S**t When He Is In Town He Gets This Annoying
Script: Walking to 13363, 864
Script: Possibly stuck - going back a coordinate
while he is in the point of starting the town script and in an empty area which have nothing to stuck into

here is a pic for this issue … while there are other chars walking normally and start the script and go to TP

Also @Ryan why did you even block tracing in the mirror dimension … now i’m forced to group my pt in mirror teleport then press start for them all to move along together cause they die in the route to the Training Place and sure many have the same problem and i saw a post regarding this and you announced that u blocked it … what was your idea ?

found the issue … it was because of balloons … @Ryan any idea to do to make chars travel to any auto blow town to get rid of this ?

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