Stuck after update

[09:53:57] Creating private server database – this may take a while

stuck on create datebase after new update phbot… before all work.

Go to the Silkroad Login tab and see what percent it’s at.

im also stuck

@Ryan bot wont load for some reason after update

Need to see the percentage. If you have other bots running on the same server you won’t be able to update.

teamviewer ready if u want

That’s so weird. I didn’t have any issues like that before.

Should work now if you update again.

still wont work same issue i can select private server after i select its stuck

It’s working fine here. Did you update again?

i did

i guess you need to wait after updating because the bot will update the database that what happend to me
works fine at both last update with me

for me stuck after i select server

That looks like you have another bot open and it can’t update the database. You will need to close everything and delete the Data folder then try it.

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Worked seems like there was 10 bots opened in the very bottom of my task bar :rofl:

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