Store items bug

hello dear community
there is a bug while the bot storeing the items into the storages its stuck and stay like that for hours and its says inventory full :joy::joy:

" items " refer to ( tablets , stones , items , elixirs , …ect) but its always happend in the tablets and stones, i think its working good for items but not tested it yet , but iam sure its stucking in tablets and stones

Is the storage full? It’s trying to put the item in but can’t because of that.

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nah, the storage like the photos shows its not full brother

LOOL Thanks <3 i just check the storage after i use return scroll its full , but i wounder how its not full in the ss and full after tp :smiley:

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It will not show up as full in the client because the client doesn’t know where the item went.

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hmm, so there is any way to let the storage sort ?

i mean while he putting the stones when its shows that there is some free slots understanding me ?

You want the bot to show free slots? Or you want it to store up to the slot count so it doesn’t get stuck?

No i dont need the bot to shows to me the free slots i dun care about it , i need the bot for exapmle
i have : 10 str 10 int
storage : has 1 slot free & has already str & int in the storage
BOT : is it able to let the bot add the items 1 by 1 and sort it 1 by 1 ?

i mean put 1 item and sort it , then put the other item and sort it … ect

It combines the items in your inventory beforehand so that shouldn’t be an issue.

i dont think so that the bot is doing it , because if he does , it wouldn`t stuck everytime

it doesnt sort the storage when he putting the items into it , and its require alot of free slots and its hard to do in a pve server and the servers doesnt support of stones and supported of tablets only

You’re right. I will have to add that.

thanks alot brother for your effort

there is another bug too i dun know its belong to the bot or the server which iam in it ,
server : joysro
problem : global
issue : when i use global its getting crash and relog ( after i press on use after i write what i want in the global )