hello guys, is there someway i can bring something from the storage while clientless rather than log back in from normal client? storage or guild storage!!

Yes, it should be on the inventory tab.

yes ryan, i find it but there are no optiond to choose… i right click on it and nothing shows up or should i be in town?

Nevermind, it’s through the minimap tab. If you right click there are options to use storage/guild storage.

its hidden, Ryan… cant access it

nvm, i’ve accessed to it because im in town… its all okay now, thanks <3

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you must download last map files, i think you use ph as limited :smiley: but take this from me :smiley: this bot have unlimited options you can do anything without open client.

Nope, im using the full version and i know i can do anything in cl mode thats why i was asking