STOP START gray bar

these 2x options
so the bot stops
if goal reached…


will it automatically start again
when the bar is filled
or do i have to manually start it…?


hello @Ryan
can u explain des…

It will return to town and wait for the EXP to return.

soo when it returns … it will start automatic?


might wanna re-explain its function on the hovering mouse thing…

“return town & wait till bar refilled & automatically go back training”
or something among that line…

the “stop botting…”
makes it sound like the bot stopped/disabled permanent…
as in the STOP-training button went gray/blank…

just a suggestion
for better understanding
for some of the “no engurish” community…

Why dont you do this? I’ve had literally 0 problems with this:

What happens is: when the EXP Ratio is 50% the bot will disconnect from the server and then the Manager reconnects it, I always get some fatigue back, usually, it’s half of the bar

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can i set it to read xp rate time left?
as in “if xp rate 100% have 10mins left … THEN…”?
can it read the xp rate timer?

@Ryan or anyone
whats the differents between these 3x…

EXP (?)
EXP (your character’s XP bar below…)

EXP Ratio (XP rate bar upLeft near health?)
how is this one setup? value point of view & type?
XP bar left?
XP bar used?

by time or %?
as in "IF USED 97% / LEFT 3%)which one?
as in "IF USED 470min / LEFT 10min)?
numbers are just example


the ingame time
u mean that bar above left?

if yes
so if its says “0h10m left”
in value:
should i add 10?
or 470(max 480m=8h in palmyra)

added a setup time (4mins before its hit…)

& waited more than 5mins … but nothing happened…

is this even for that? or something else?

hello @Ryan

or anyone tried this

can someone tell me what timer it reads
& how to use it?

i cant figure it out…

hello i need explanation for this…


what this reads?

the one with RED timer?

or the whole “you are in the game” timer?

cuz i did test for both
setting timer to 1min & 4min & 435min(as in countdown)

but it didnt trigger for any of the timers…

u mean that silkroad timer that bother you every hour or 2h … saying “you are logged in for too long…”?

maybe its not triggering cuz palmyra got different timer’s serialNumber/code than which ever u tested on…

The statistics tab should have a “in game time” field and that is what it is using. It is how long you have been logged in for. If you disconnect, it resets.

even when i clicked STOP/START
or when switching to client

on both … it reset’s:

or is there a hidden passive timer ?
the same hidden timer this option connected to…?

It’s not on that tab then. It only resets if you disconnect or relog the character.

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