Stop if less than # party member in training spot

stop if less than # party member in training spot

can we have that option
not as condition
but a function in ATTACK > LURE section

doesn’t have to be inside the setup Range
stop if less than # party member around you


like this situation
a player who have party buff on him returned to base to deliver a Quest … 2 of who he was buffing … died … & the rest followed up & died & the whole party fail cuz the warrior kept luring even though low party members at spot (but still in party visiting town or something)

I have same problem.

We should have an option “Stop lure if more than 2-3 PARTY members not in training area”

Because sometimes 2-3 people goes town and bot still lures.

I used stop luring if party members are not near the training area, and it worked flawless. But im not used to luring so can be beginner’s luck.

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Ya but they want it to be a general party member count, not specific to certain chars. So if 2 chars are away from PT stop lure regardless of which 2 chars are away.

@Pryde You could do something like this but it wouldnt work perfectly, for example if there was another party close to yours as this is players nearby not just party players.



@DeRidder14 Yeah, I was using like that, and when I woke up, I saw another party next to us.

@Ryan, is there any chance that a condition “Party member nearby count” was added to the bot?

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I agree with that we need this option alot.

Condition is not working smooth.

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