Stop attack if monster use skill

Hello i am kiling uniques and theres one with a buff that return damage in 40-50%, and thats are killing my account. I want to know if theres a way when the unique use this skill my accounts stop attacking to this short time.

Thank You.

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What i will need to change is the name of the skill correct that Sphyx use?

Btw friend i need to save this in python or put where in bot, i am not to good using the bot yet.

Plugins folder u have to edit the data for u skill

No my question is how, because in plugins i only have the ones download .py.

I tryed to open a note and and not worked, and in the plugin tab theres no option to put the code, then i need to download a editor python and save to use? or theres something more simple to do.

Because i used only one time plugin and downloaded the archive, but u have the text and i don’t know how to procedure.

its not possible to stop its perfectly even when stopping there is a bug where chat still atacking:(

Yes it stops during skill cast so u can get reflect at the time

no there is 1 more problem. after it stop botting then sometimes hit 1 more skill

So that’s what I’m saying it’s casting skills if the skill is long that’s the issue it won’t cast more than 1 more skill

      sleep(2.5) #max skill cast time.

with this code i am trying to make it move to my char. but sometimes its not working properly. stopping halfway. is there anyother way to make it work like that
bot stopped << 12.10.00
randommovement << 12.10.02
bot started << 12.10.05

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