Stoll fix

Bot V 23.1.2
Stall Consignment dont Show

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This will be working in the next update.

DC for add 4to10 itam in Consignment


Adding items through the bot?

manual and bot

Hmm, I tested adding items through the client and did not crash. Are you using testing?

yes using testing

This is not occurring on my end. Can you make sure you’re using the latest version?

? you Test stall add Consignment for isro or
me add in isro DC

You’re using the stall feature in the bot or doing it yourself?

kan you open ony server joymax and testing Consignment stall add 3 or 4 itam >>>>
and joymax updite (deposit ) for gold

I’m looking into it. So far I haven’t had any issues when I tested consignment earlier.

you tested consignme isro server joymax ?>

Yes and it did not crash. I cannot login at the moment so I can test anything else. Server is maxed.

I was finally able to login. I did not crash while adding items to a stall or consignment.

It’s going to take 4 hours for me to login and try that.

ok np

I see the issue now. I am working on the fix.

thx Ryan for help


  • Fixed consignment on iSRO


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