State Petrify Skill


How can I identify when the state or skill “Petrify” is active? :rock:

I’ve tried using conditions skill active,
but the list isn’t ordered, just couldn’t find the “Petrify”.

And the function bellow does not show.

skills = get_active_skills()
for ID, skill in skills.items():

The log:

{'name': 'Strength Scroll', 'servername': 'SKILL_ETC_E080723_STRENGTH_SCROLL_01'}
{'name': 'Trigger Scroll', 'servername': 'SKILL_ETC_E051123_AGILITY_SCROLL_01'}
{'name': 'Fire Shield - Emperor', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_FIRE_SHIELD_D_02'}
{'name': 'Force - Piercing Force', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_LIGHTNING_GWANTONG_D_02'}
{'name': 'Earth Fire Protection', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_FIRE_GANGGI_D_04'}
{'name': 'Concentration - 4th', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_LIGHTNING_JIPJUNG_D_02'}
{'name': 'Might Guard of Ice', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_COLD_GANGGI_D_08'}
{'name': 'Flame Body - Trial', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_FIRE_GONGUP_D_02'}
{'name': 'Ghost Walk - God', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_LIGHTNING_GYEONGGONG_E_03'}
{'name': 'Snow Shield - Intensify', 'servername': 'SKILL_CH_COLD_SHIELD_D_02'}

But no petrify skill.

With a condition i can tell the bot to wait 30000ms to avoid DC because the bot try to use items and cast skills while the character is at petrify state.

What am I missing here?

Thanks with any advance. :smile:

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