i had a big problem with manager, it happend many times because power not stable
i made the manager startup after 5 mins after pc open, when power up pc open and manager not open i must end it from task manager and re open it again, can you please @Ryan check this problem, for me i think it happend because internet wasn’t up at the same sec that manager open, can you fix this or make the manager don’t need any internet at open.
i have a pic

The Manager does not need internet access to function. Are you using the update check feature? That would be the reason it stalls on start.

no , but manager doesn’t start with me since 3 months i must close it and re open it

Download latest version

its already the last version.

Check your pc bud :smiley:

you say * it happend many times because power not stable * u mean power ac ? if that the only thing you can do is fix this pb cuz you will geting many more strange effect on your system and no one can help you i-f that is caused by crash AC ( this corupt some file on your system )

Oh, AdvSystemCare and DriveBooster. How that machine survived after using them? You turned your PC into a mining machine. :slight_smile:

I hope you have CCleaner too. :wink:

Ccleaner is skilfully
Good advanced :wink: