Start with Clientless

So the bot has an option to go clientless when loged in, is there a way to start it clientless or get it clientless before it logs in? i have 10 accounts logging in, and its alot on my computer, they sit there for a like a day before getting in due to server traffic.

What server? Most private servers require you to login with a client open so the hwid can be sent. If that isn’t a requirement of your server of course you can login clientless. Just turn off start the silkroad client in manager.

You can also hide silkroad in manager, that might save your pc some.

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iSRO server Flora… not sure the requirments.

You can login clientless

Where is the option to turn off the client? cant find it, also once i find it, i can still toggle back to client with a return scroll right? thx again

Just keep this off.


thats easy enough, ill still be able to go to the client with a return scroll right?

yes or if youre in town near a teleporter it will use those.

oh, thats cool i didnt know it would do that, thanks, fun fact for sure

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