Start using different skills after DOTs

Could it be possible that warlock could use 2 DOTS and then pure debuffs only or other skills ?, right now if you use 2 dots the attack section it will just say that attack is already in use or smth smth idk (basically making the bot stop attacking), could that be avoided with a feature ?

Is it testing or stable?


In Testing release, there’s an option “Switch monster after 2 dot”

When you enable it, it can switch the monster after 2 dots. I didn’t enable it. Instead of enabling it; I made my attack skills order like this:

  1. dot
  2. debuff
  3. nuke
  4. another dot
  5. another debuff
  6. other nuke
  7. AoE nuke
  8. vampire touch or vampire kiss

This is for a solo botting warlock/cleric character. Never stops. :slight_smile:

Yeah thing is id need it for 8/8 party you know, so when GP spawns i need him on that debuff game … :stuck_out_tongue:

Add spesific skills for spesific monsters.

Yes but then when i put DOT on him, and debuffs hes gonna just stand there untill DOT runs out since hes gonna be bugged

Put debuff as first skill?

i alreaddy suggest a fixed skiline for warlock so it will coly cast if the skill befor was used so the skill chain will be always the same (a real working cast skill in order (even with weapon switsh) @Ryan