Start once

can u explain this
i tried it once
after bot logged in
it kept staying green in de list left side(or maybe i didnt wait long enough…)

whats its function/steps?
as in after login … it wont buttin when the char DC & close the bot & reopen & all the normal function from “start”…
would it be better to give it different color code… like blue maybe or orange or purple…


i did the “Start once” on manager on my vip to see how it works
it logged in
as in into the game world
but i checked the map
its in another spot
it DCed
& closed bot
opened anothe
tried to login
but kept giving me C10

i closed the bot and logged in manually to see whats up
even the location the char was different from what it showed me … while trying the “start once” feature…

can u elaborate this function…

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