"Stanby list is full"

When I want to login and the game says “Standby list is full” instead of throwing me into queue the bot do nothing. Can I set phBot to reconnect after the information with full server?

Use the Manager.

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Oh, I see, it works now :slight_smile: But I found another problem. How can I run multiple accounts? Now I can run just 2 accounts becouse if I want to run more the bot says something like “Connecting to the gateway server [] Connection was closed by the remote host, retrying” over and over. I know that it’s something about IP, but how can I avoid that? I used to use other bot before, and there was no problem with IP there. I just had to make multiple folders with bot and run every one separately. How can I avoid IP ban in pHbot and run multiple accounts? (I’m talking about iSro)

Thanks for you support. And sorry for question which may be simple but I really don’t know what to do :confused:

I read some about multiple IP. Don’t have the problem with gateway anymore, but there is something else ;D

When I start the bot from manager and the phbot runs sro_client, the auto relog works just once. As you can see on the screen, after first “[00:56:19]Standby list is full”, the bot disconnected the client and try to login again, but after second “[00:56:36]Standby list is full” bot just give up and do nothing.

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