Can I send 30 minutes or 1 hour message from the stop.

Make a condition like this:


This did not happen.stall also wrote in the chat message section.I made a mistake?

Don’t use the one built in to the stall tab.

I wrote to (chat message), but if if (Time Elapsed (seconds) > 18000) { Chat general ( WTS +15 BOW AND STAF % 80 STAT ); } I wrote. is that wrong

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No, it’s on the “Conditions” tab. If you don’t see it then you need testing.

I did. Thanks

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stall sections

  1. Garment Foot
  2. Garment hands
  3. Garment head
    Can it be added in a similar way to the same items?

It would get way too complex.

can such a thing be done?

I don’t plan to. It’s not worth it.

Is there a program that can be recommended or directed?