Sro client of crap trap take alot from power usage and GPU

Hello weman long time ago i not write for u but i need ask u some thing now when i use phbot craptrap after 14hours oppen task manger found GPU usage 70% of sro client of craptrap and power usage high and when restart crap work fine again i need know why after 14 or more hours found craptrap sro client mKe this again i mean sro client for crap trap thx again thx thx i mean with GPU (VGA Card)

You’ll have to just restart it every 14 hours if that’s when it occurs. There is a command line option to do that but I’m guessing you’re just letting the bot start it.

CrapTrap.exe --locale 18 --path <game path> --restart 14
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But why this happen sro client of crap trap stuck and use gpu 70% more and task manger say power usage high i think in past i not see it thx again for your help

No way for me to know unless during that time you are teleporting frequently which will use more resources.

im having the same problem i noticed on my electrical bill haha, it went up by 30% Anyone found a solution to this ?

Restart it every once in a while or pay for the server option.

this one is the craptrap right ?

Most likely. You can right click on the tray icon and select “Restart”.

yea ive been doing that but it goes back to high cpu/gpu within few minutes

Run it in a VM. I can’t control what the client is doing.

oke, i understand thanks for the help

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