Sro client given me ... Connection to the server has end i fix .. could anyone help me pls

Could be temp IP banned. Wait 15 minutes then try again.


ip block is 5~6hour’s
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Ok could u pls show me how to configure phbot manger to open accounts & sort to not get ip block

search this forum for how to set it
& about login order … for safety make it login 1 at a time … for less chance of ip-block
even though sometimes login-server of sro gate gets bugged & just DC u & on ur retry’s … it ip blocks ya for 5~6hours

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Yea this is what happened … But how can i sort bot to just open 2 in once ?? In sbot it has options to sort it

Enable queue in the bot and use different gateway servers on each account.

You can sort your characters by changing the name on Manager.

whats the safe/danger time gap between each time?

I don’t have an exact frequency.

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Where is it made from? Manager ? Can you throw an SS?

The options menu.

i just got my ip banned! i dont have a rotating one like lots of poeple, mines always the same… am i screwed? i only had 2 chars logging… no clue why i got the ban. does it go away after a day or to?

Just wait like 30 minutes and try it. You can also change the gateway in the bot.

ban go after 30min to 5~6hours(as always)


if you enter wrong id or pw or something…
or even if you got bugged from last logout & didnt fully logout(sro server problem)
it will spamm trying to login
till u get ban 5~6hours xD

thanks grabbed a vpn for now. hope its fixed soon, now i need to look into the proxy settings :wink:

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im ip banned for 3 days now. think its permanent right ? i only had 1 char logged in^^