Speed Skill

my bot cannot use light’s speed skill help me pls

Put it under script and general.

i put, dont use in jangan cave , it was working yesterday

If it worked yesterday you must have changed something.

i wore spear then it was work

hello dear @Ryan
my bow 131 with 15dg weapon
dont use speed buff
in baghdad
while shopping & teleporting as baghdad script is

even though i have it in “Buffs > general&script” sections
& even though bow does cast it in mirror town

& got a nuker in alexandria with same section buffs that … does cast speed normal…

any clue/solution…?
maybe needs town script separate from going to training script?

also im boting as a THIEF !


but only trigger speed while with the prime item setting?

also i did set the bow as “prim”
& shield as … will … as shield xD

guess a certain bot update changed that?
good thing i was near PC and saw the char since yesterday … walking around with a shield Only

cuz the weapon was automatic was un-set from “prim” rank…

What is the name of the buff? If you modify your primary weapon by changing stats or plus it will no longer be set as your primary.

this buff

also i didnt do anything to the weapon
maybe cuz now i wear job suit … it resets or have to re-set prime weapon?


i dont see the bot displaying pet XP gain … normal?
i intentionally make him get stuck in a wall in town so he dont die…
& he get XP safely…
now im on clientless … cant tell…