Speed and improvements

@Ryan Now bring updates for bot response and improvements?

What is this even about?

  • Giving the lead to the monster we set when monster type and Monster preferences are set (name specific)
  • Introduction of Monster lead rankings +1 +2 +3…
  • The character’s ability to select the character faster during entry and connect to the game
  • Fast attack mode addition
  • Accelerating the collection of falling items

Fast attack mode lol. You really must like disconnecting. It’s as fast as it will ever go. Any faster will disconnect you. Try the slow mode. It’s not even slower.

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Other bots are faster than phbot, and don’t get disconnected. It is also experiencing delays in Monster crossings. I think if you bring a lead ranking, you can get ahead of that. There’s not much left to add to the boat now, except for a few of the features I mentioned. Please consider our suggestions to make phbot faster now. We say your reasons, and you don’t listen to us again. Please!

They’re not. If you see delays it’s your connection or your skills not being ready to attack the next monster.

  • There is no problem with my connection. I do my tests with 2 different boots. phBot is late in his choice of Monster, which causes us to eat ks. Not only that:

  • Monster lead ranking is a must in a boat. Set to lead titan and giant partye in a contraction field. But if titan left after the giant party, titan isn’t coming back without killing the giant party. We need it in places like fgw and temple. Examples of this can be replicated.

  • Again 2 different boots with Elixir toplattırıyorum, X bot phbotden collects faster.

  • Gives priority to the monster type if the monster type and Monster preferences are both set. But this is not what I want. Example: I have set priority to “Unique” as the monster type and “Sereness” as the Monster preferences. The Bot always has a name-specific mob, it should be prioritized, or you should set the monster type to check.

There are too many variables. Is collision detection in? Turn it off. Are you connected to the same agent server?

Collision detection is off. Yes, both boats are connected to the same server.

Will speed and improvements be made in the next update?

Enjoy your disconnects.


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I’m going to try.


yeah results?

working perfect with me untill now

i test it to ( 20 chars ) @Ryan if it dont get dc would u add it to the final testing realease ?
just restarted all the chars with the new exe

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Sure but iSRO could be more sensitive than private servers and disconnect you.

well :smiley: tthats why its called the testing realease right :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

2h ago and working good no dc 20 char too

I’ve already done this. Couple delay changes later and people update then everyone complains about disconnects.

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