Specific Script For my own Sro

can i add to the town script order to go to a specific shop in my own sro and buy 50 reverse scroll … in my sro i can buy the reverse scroll by a tokens which dropped from the monster … so i wanna the character to go to this silk shop after town script and buy 50 reverse before teleporting like buying mp or hp is this possible ???

nice … is it private :))?

It should be possible but you will need to create your own script command to send the NPC buy packets.

how exactly i can create this script ?? from script creator or what ? i will walk to the shop then what? which option i must choose from script creator to give the character order to being target to the shop to buy the reverse ?

It’s a bit more complicated than that. You need to capture the packets and understand what you’re sending in order to automate it.

some youtube videos may help me ??

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