Spear skill Problem [cap 80]

Hello friend, I have one problem with Heuksal cap 80 skill

I use Soul Spear Emperor + Windless Spear and Imbue… In manual use, I can attack all time exactly and no problem, with Sbot same, I use one skill, after other, but in PHBOT He use soul spear + windless spear and they get one normal hit… How I can fix it?

I use Slow attack mode, mark and unmark Use skill in orden, and problem stay here

Alrealy mark “lagtastic” to test too, change weapon

isint that the imbue speed up bug u walking?

No, anytime he bug the skill, but is rare, the problem is only in phbot…

can u use https://gyazo.com or https://getsharex.com to show us a clip

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