SP statistics are not correct

I just noticed, that the SP calculation in the statistics view does not work correctly.
The current calculation of the bot says, that I am getting about 6200 sp/hour, but based on my calculation and observation I am actually only getting about 3000sp/hour.
Also the SP gained counter shows about double the amount of SP than the char is actually getting.
I was reseting my stats, within the frist minute my char got 35sp, but in the statistics it said, that I gained 80 sp.
Any idea what is going wrong?


When I spend some SP, my SP stats also goes crazy. :slight_smile: I always reset stats and wait couple minutes to make sure it’s correct.

Yea, the bot doesnt recongize the SP which are used for skilling as well. But I guess that is an other issue :sweat_smile:
But even when you are leveling it just doesnt show the correct value. It is kind of the double of you are actually gaining.

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I’m not really sure about the calculation. My 8 chars 103 lv. They’re botting at Akeru (109lv)

Bot says I’m getting %0.3 EXP per hour. After 200 minutes I got %1.9 EXP. :smile:

Yes, the exp calculation is correct, the SP calculation is buggy from my point of view.

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Have you ever tried other bot softwares while using phBot to compare it? Maybe we can see the difference.

Well, I did not. But other people I know have sbot and the bot kind of displays half the sp/hour on their chars. That´s why I got curious and checked my sp at one point and also some hours later. Then calculated my average sp/hour on my own. It it is really about half of what phbot is showing.

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Also there is another problem with SP statistics. For example I gained 1200SP after some botting, when I spend some SP my gained SP stats shows: 46263848494 etc. :v