Some bugs latest version

25.1.0 = warriors not picking daily lamps (just warrior’s or all. i have to try with just warrior)

25.0.9 = not updating pt members lvl

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Warriors dont pick when they are in lure mod (auto walk x spaces).
Please fix that.

That’s not a bug. Why would they pick items in lure mode?

Bcz its daily quest Its should be. Before it was fine. Btw my friend tell me bot not doing auto quest in mirror. He updated bot and navmesh but not working

Before my warriors picked quest items…now (after the new update) they don’t pick them anymore.

What are your settings for the quest item? Show me the options tab, too.

Edit: And was it picking before while doing lure? I can probably change that.

yes before its was picking then doing lure


I’ll change that.

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in mirror some auto quest not working.“Thirst for blood” quest working well but “scrap metal” not working

Do you want to send me an account? I just tested it on Palmyra with @Yapersia character.

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if on palmyra … my char is all ur’s… just let me know … so i can logoff…
& im still testing the latest fix …
waiting for it to deliver twice

… then relogin & checking again…
my test takes around 1h~2h…

Scrap Metal
was delivered
& re-taken…

now closing the bot & opening it again & see if quest settings resetting or not
got to wait for another quest delivery after relogin…

also @recepcnbsk
to what i remember
u have to pick/have that quest before starting the bot
also after the last big phbot update this week
all quests are reset… got to set them ON again
but wait on that for @Ryan to confirm…

the quest delivery & re-take
at palmyra…
scrap metal
thirst for blood
are fixed now…
even after closing the bot & relogin…

+1 in Google language…

i’ll test the 100 mobs now … just to be sure
but looks like its fixed in general


its working fine for 100 repeatable quest too
i assume its back to normal for all quests…

(palmyra isro-R)

thx for your efforts…

im using script for quest. i have to send link to my friend he will check prodrugz post’s. when he check then he will post it here

I tested on both
For deliver & retake
Return scroll

Both work fine
Got to wait for @Ryan
To update/set the beta im testing
To official public update


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