SOCKS5 proxy detection

I’m playing on a server where proxy is forbidden and server can detect proxies. In browsers, they can see behind proxy because of WebRTC/JavaScript/Flash/HTTPHeaders but how does this detection work with Silkroad and phBot ? How can i bypass this protection? (I’m using a VPS for proxy server and timezone of server is same with timezone of my pc.)

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By seeing if a common proxy port is open, like 1080.

Ok. Now the only open port is a 5 digit port and it is uncommon. I even closed SSH port. I hope it works. I wonder if phBot and Silkroad use something like JavaScript because these softwares show my real informations so they can see I am using a proxy.

The bot doesn’t. The Silkroad item mall is web based in iSRO but not on private servers.

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They detected it :frowning:

there are ip blacklists to detect proxy

on port detection most time ports like this are blocked

$proxyports = “1080”;
$proxyports = “3124”;
$proxyports = “3127”;
$proxyports = “3128”;
$proxyports = “3133”;
$proxyports = “5000”;
$proxyports = “6588”;
$proxyports = “8000”;
$proxyports = “8002”;
$proxyports = “8080”;
$proxyports = “8081”;
$proxyports = “8983”;
$proxyports = “9188”;
$proxyports = “10368”;
$proxyports = “11348”;
$proxyports = “12678”;
$proxyports = “14237”;
$proxyports = “14841”;
$proxyports = “17327”;
$proxyports = “22568”;
$proxyports = “25552”;
$proxyports = “27778”;
$proxyports = “29991”;
$proxyports = “35553”;


I can change my port because server is mine also my port is not blacklisted. They detect proxies periodically, usually in 1-2 days. There are blacklisted ips but my ip is not blacklisted at first. When they detect, they blacklist it but I don’t know how they can detect it.

u can send me ur proxy in privat then i can do a little check
btw do u play on this latin sro privat server there is same issue

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if you using google cloud services check ip region status because cloud services using multi dns change to standart service…

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I use both Amazon AWS and Google GPC. Google uses USA IP adress even I choose Frankfurt but also AWS proxies got banned too. What should I do ?