socks5 not working with phbot

Hello, I am actually using an S bot and I downloaded the PHBot a week ago to try and I gained a good experience, but when I try the proxy it does not work at all with PHbot, I tried more than one server

i have this error : Connection was closed by the remote host, retrying

for sbot it’s work very fine so i sure it’s not from game this problem with ph and my friends say to me before that’s photo have problem with proxy and not working now plz can u fix this or answers us how we work whit that

Your IP banned its unrelated to the bot. Read this…

not from Joymax this problem because phbot only because this IP proxy works fine for Sbot

many ppl have this problem with phbot only. my proxy from the proxy-seller site

It’s absolutely from joymax, the IP gets unbanned after a few hours.

if IP is blocked from Joymax but how work by Sbot?
I want someone to tell me the way or proxy works with phbot … all not working only with phbot so I ask the owner to check plz to be sure.

i asked proxy company they say to me all subnets were blocked

but i don’t know how it’s coneccted with Sbot :smiley:
so plz can any one help me for proxy site work well with phbot ?

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