Sock5 proxy login error

[09:14:27] Data load status: 100%

[09:14:31] Connecting to the gateway server [] through

[09:14:32] Socket error: 3

Any ideas what the problem is?

The error is SocketAccessError. So most likely you do not have permission to make a TCP connection (firewall)?.

i have 8 more bot and it work fine i try to make 8 more and i can’t logg in…

Are you opening the client, too? That error could be from the game client connection closing or what I said earlier.

if im logg in without proxy it works

The proxy IP is probably being limited in some way by the server. Did you try a different gateway server? I doubt that error code is actually meaningful and is just from the connection closing or not connecting at all.

I wrote to the service provider and look forward to receiving a response from them

I meant it’s being blocked by the Silkroad server. I guess it could be either.

they watched and had an error with them . :smiley:

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thanks for your help too :slight_smile: waiting the next bot update :smiley: :blush:

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