Snow flake quest

hi a question, i make phbot pick snow flake event, but how do i make phbot to deliver it automically from so-ok npc ?

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quest,Event So-Ok

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what option 420-424?

just make it enable, how do i make to deliver it only when in town

What town do you return to?

Here are event scripts for the main towns, just pick the town you want and replace this script for the one inside the town folder.

Works for iSRO only
Constantinople.txt (662 Bytes)
Donwhang.txt (550 Bytes)
Hotan.txt (448 Bytes)
Samarkand.txt (613 Bytes)
Jangan.txt (749 Bytes)

How do I make the bot attack the snow slaves

You can set it to prefer event mobs in monster preferences.

Protection >> monster preferences

ı got notice quest not found. not working can anyone help me ?

See the testing channel in Discord that has a new option to turn in event quests.



Thats what i did in the scripts above but that will only work for iSRO, not TRSRO. If youre playing TRSRO you just need to update your bot and use the new feature for automatically turning in events.

If your playing TRSRO you need to update your bot and use the new feature to turn in event quests.

You need 25.1.8 or newer. Check the quest option tab.

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