Snow flake event tr sro fix

quest,Event So-Ok,Snow Flake Event command not working in TRSRO town scripts. U already add auto event in phbot update but its not worth. ıt’s going to event so-ok after town script then we cannot sell or store anything. Going to slot when inventory full.So ı want to fix editing town scripts asap to make auto winter event. Thanks <3

No it doesn’t. It goes to So-Ok first then your town loop starts.

u changed? ı downloaded phbot.exe now we have new update then u change it ? And ı wonder sth . If you can use this command and we can make auto event which command we should use why we cannot use it manually :smiley:

What I post in the #testing channel is not the same as when it is released.

okey so ı update the bot now then use auto event option :slight_smile: But ı want to change town scripts asap :slight_smile: I trust u can fix it too dear admin <3

Is there anyway to enter event so-ok second time after town script ? ıf ı do it manually its simple but ı don’t know auto event function :d

I already update the bot what is this dear admin ? new one ?? should ı download and try ıt ?

It allows you to use the quest command on the TRSRO So-Ok when its name is different.

which command should ı use ; quest,Etkinlik Yöneticisi So-Ok, only in turkish language ? or
quest,Etkinlik Yöneticisi So-Ok,Kar Tane Toplaması which means turkish of quest,Event So-Ok,Snow Flake Event . I 'll try atm

You use the NPC name that shows in the client. You do not use a quest name.

okey now ı’m trying thank you admin for your fast answers <3

its working bro thank u very much again <3 topic closed !

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