Small little helpfull things

@Ryan i would like to see this in the feuture updates

just a little info “CH Jewelry” is missing in the pick filter :smiley:

adding maybe aditional warlock dot setting if zerk like
normal use 2 dots
on zerk use 1 dot on general mobs only

just 2 little questions

  1. if i use 1 script for example “walking from jg to dw set townspawn point walking to trainplace” can you make it possible to continue walking the script even if hometown is now dw if a walkpoint is close enoth

  2. the medusa teleporters is it the same like the jobtemple teleporters ( randomly changing packet´s ) or can i do something about it with xNpc for example

Probably not going to add a search for the unique log or bot update notification. I will add some Warlock improvements in the future just not sure what they will be. I have fixed the CH jewelry option missing.

  1. That will break town scripts since it will try to continue it every time even if you start it in town spawn of Donwhang.
  2. I haven’t looked into it much. It may just be an NPC option that appears at a certain time and the teleporter is always there so you just have to wait.

Hi, i was on the search, if someone allready suggested it, and found this.
And i have to say, i would love to see an option comeing, to use only 1 DOT instead of 2 DOT’s when Berserker is active.
Since your post is from 20. April 2020, and you wrote you will propably add some Warlock improvements, i propably haven’t noticed if you did so, because i started using phBot only few days ago.
So are there any plans about this or something like this? I really hope so. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.