Small help!


I’ve recently bought 2 weeks of bot time. But I also use sBot and using both bots in same causes an error “Already executing…” on phBot. I wanted to lead my bot party with phBot but due to this error, I will not be able to use both bots at the same time. Is there any way to freeze my bot time? I’d be very happy to delay 27 days to start my count time.

Thank you for your answer and help Ryan.

There’s no way for me to do that. You can login clientless which should work.

You’ll notice you won’t need anything else when you discover phbot

Thank you for your replies. It still gives same error but I will give a chance standalone try to phBot. Is there anyway to wear and complete automatically beginner item quests ?

There is not. I was planning to add that a while ago but it’s such a pain to login to the servers so I can’t work on it easily.

Its very okay. There must be some human hand at the end. You already succeed something impossible. Very last question of mine, I couldn’t find to up automatically stat up :confused: Also when I change something on one bot, how can I apply this setting to all of them? Thank you for your answers again Ryan! You are best <3

Protection → Misc. You would have to change it on them individually or copy/paste/rename your config files.