Small easy to add suggestions improvements

dear lovely @ryan :wink:

  1. add the “hide login” to the manager and rename it to “hide login info”

  2. correct the client info inside the bot to " use the game client (required for hwid check)"
    the current info sounds like the exact oppisite image

  3. add “do not open stall (offer mode)” to the stall tap

  4. easy unstuck walks in a random dicection as soon the bot sends a movment packet and cords dont change ( only in trainingsarea )

  5. add a seach box somewhere easy to find in the bot most user dont know this thing and it is helpfull for the beginners “CTRL+F”

  6. pls fix const-teleporter stuck ;D

  7. reduce delays “before” teleports to 500 or 1000 ms by default

  1. Why? It saves.

its about adding it to the manager ;D @ryan

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