Slowly service

I wqit 15 min to reset my password .slowly service

It depends on mailgun and your mail provider. The maximum amount of time it takes to reset the password and send the email is 1 minute.

i have a complain on SLOOOOW performance as will

accepting bot invite is taking FOREVER !

@Ryan did you switch to a knockoff cheap servers?

we are having a problem entering in 1 pt (accept pt invite)
6 players in 1pt/1spot
Only 1accepted invite after sometime passed & multiple invite request

3 mine
1 a friend
2 others for another friend…

i read in ur changelog(i think)
u delayed pocket or pt or something
that i dont understand
… was it the reason for this problemo?

Lol the servers would have nothing to do with your party invites. He delayed socket usage, which are items you add to weapons and sets, again nothing to do with party invites.

Everyone in the party should be inviting everyone, if you missed 1 char it could be slow because for example your bot could be spamming invite to someone who isnt accepting from you. The game wont allow you to accept an invite if your being spammed by someone else.

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