Sky temple mobs detections

Good eavening,

I play on legion Lsro. Here u have sky temple for thief and hunter to able upgrade there devil spirit. So like most server u most do quest and kill mob and gain some skulls to able upgrade.

So i try the auto dungeon plugin what works perfectly in fgw. I made script added attack area, and i put the mobs in ignore list. So basicly the monster he encounter i copy from the plug in and put it in the ignorelist. Only 1 problem for some reason he dont ignore these mobs. While in fgw Ghost Curse he do ignore. What also is very weird for example in the game of these mobs called “temple hunter” but plug in see this name as " Temple hunter(24)" but when i search these mobs in protection >monster preference and search for temple hunter he dont find with name 24 in the back. What also is strang that when i do ignore at monster preference tab these mob he do ignore but the plug is say killing detection 50x mobs. And the weirest thing is the in the plug in u see like encounted mobs:
Hunter temple (24)
Hunter temple (24)
Hunter temple (24)
Like over 3 4 5 times.

Now i dont know if that is normal or that the mobs in this server are just weird but i tough i just ask for sure that maybe with a small chance that the problem is that phbot is not updated for legions sky mobs so thats why i ask u and hopefully i will find a answer why the plugin is not ignoring these mobs.

Thank u and wait ur responce