Skipping town without repair or selling

Character if use return when inventory full or weapon broken but it dont do anything in town not even visiting NPCs, directly moving to farming area back.

-already unchecked skip town script
-already add stuff to buy in town section

Check your town script

can you give more details pls

Delete the Town folder and reopen the bot.

still same :frowning:

the server is blocking phbot townscript. even if you inject the packets it will do nothing. im sure that the character just walks to the training area and start the attack and if the weapon broke the bot stop. am i right?

Possible. I’ll add an option to randomize the coordinates under Town → Options.

I recommend a value of 2 or 3. It is possible you will get stuck on things with anything higher.

still not working, just going back to training area. I think problem is, bot wont understand that im in town, act like im middle of nowhere and going back to training area

That’s a different problem. If they are missing the region info text file that tells the client it is in a town it will not execute a town script.

you are right, when i open the bot sometimes its say “Data: Could not download regioninfo.txt”. How can i fix that?

Use a VPN since your ISP is probably blocking it for some reason.

It worked! Thanks a lot Ryan! :pray:

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I got same problem,
I need to download something into bot folder?

how you solve it?