SIX Things that i realy need to see in PH-Bot

job-cave support for the few teleportes to the uniques rooms the are many / job based servers out there

adding a keypresser funktion / for areas that the bot dont reconises the xy on the map and walks to other points this should be posible ( - YouTube ) atm its not posible even with the “dont move around” funktion bot will always walks a few steps torwards room center in this chase

“add all items” “start alchemy” "stop alchemy " to conditions or script tab to make bot automaticly + items sets for leveling or just simple full afk alchemy for high drop rate server with low alchemy rate

auto pt matching for job (or maybe it just dont work on my server )

only store this much of this items in GS or storrige like just store 6000 pro elixir in the GS for example

for maneger (option for each char) wait x min after dc for reconnect

THX thats all what i realy need is 1 and 3 to be added in the next time i think this is posible because nr3 are just basicly shortcuts and nr 1 is just adding a few teleportes i would like to stay at ph bot i think option 1 is wanted by lots of users there are many job based severs out there and there also lots of servers with high item drop rate and this would be a big selling point for a lot of servers
have a nice day :slight_smile: and keep the great work up :upside_down_face:

These things are not easy the alchemy thing is useless stay 10mint in pc atleast for do it. Everything cant be automated 2. Suggestion is possible go lure tab and make walk 0 its not moving around 6. U can do it yourself in manager

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@RiordaN not on Destiny sro i pimp almost 400 items /day i have 2 chars just dedecatet to do alchemy 24/7 but they need to be refilled every 7h thats why i need it as i say high drop rate servers

türk değilmisiniz 2 nizde niye zorlanıonuz

can u show me where i can set the 6. in the meneger ?

if u mean the disconnect time whats a different thing thats only the time what u give the bot to detect a disconect not the time after dc

and thy for the help at 2. :sweat_smile:

sry cant speak türkish

@Ryan yeah i need point 1 3and 6 to looking for that so long pls add it.