Silkroad Server Ip Adress


Does anybody know the IP adresses of the servers (ISRO)?

I mainly need Thetis’s IP.



What do you need it for? The bot will show it when it connects to the agent server. You could also use process explorer to find it.

hey, because im stupid, and i want to try to make it work.

Good times. It definitely won’t work anymore. Those IPs are the gateway servers which are:


i could join with patched client and that ip adress u gave me, but for some reason it shuts off :S

2-3 years ago i was using agbot happily, despite everbody thought it was full dead. but something changed thought it was the ip

A lot of the packets have changed so that bot would no longer work. I’m surprised you were able to use it a few years ago.

thanks for ur help.

here is ur present:

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To check the real IP address you need login with a character in any server and use tcpview or netstat to check it.

That IP you are using is from the login gateway (standby queue screen) Port 15779.

Anyway, is nuConnector agbot obsolete or still working?