Silkroad royale server list

Isro and SilkRoad Royale servers collide with each other

how did you solve


it hurts only when it closes isro. Does not open simultaneously with Isro

I have same problem without Isro

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Hey, facing same problem here. It is causing alot of problems in case of dc (sometimes I have to try again for about 20 times to connect to server). Not playing any other servers, just babel.

Unfortunately I do not have a way to test this since it is most likely a timing problem and usually occurs on slower PCs.

Happening also on my pc where sro is launching about 1 sec. Sometimes I have to run it few times anyway. It didn’t happen with other bots yet (testing for last day) so there is some issue with phbot.
I want to avoid changing bots as got used to phbot and now I feel like others are missing features.

If I can’t reproduce it I can’t fix it. Check the screenshot above.

I can agree that it can be timing issue as it happens much more often on slower laptop than my pc. It would be fine if it could try to close client and try to log in again instead of getting stuck with empty server list.

Their server isn’t even up right now so I can’t look into it further even if I wanted to.

I sent you a video about this problem. I have the same problem. I want use phbot but only this server not running at my slow pc

Video is not useful. I know what you are talking about I just cannot replicate it so it’s not something easily solved.

@Ryan didn’t you understand the problem ? Cannot enter Isro and silkroad royale simultaneously from 1 computer. we need to close isro client all the time to login. server owner says you can fix the problem. please download and check.

What is the problem Ryan. We still can’t using phbot on Royale (

It’s something with their filter.

And? Why phbot dont see serwer in list? Cant used it on silkroad Royale

You can if you retry a few times. All they have to do is make their filter stop disconnecting you after being connected for 2 seconds.