SIlkroad Royale players

is the problem of the servers not showing in server list when logging in, still occuring?

No idea. It has to be something with their filter.

After upgrading my ram i don’t have the issue anymore load everytime now. My older slower pc was the one it always happened on

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I think i found out why it does it sometimes though. Doubt it would be something you could actually fix though.
When it doesn’t connect it shows this.
[16:23:19] Connecting to the gateway server []

[16:23:20] Connected

When it does work it shows like this.
[16:23:19] Connecting to the gateway server []

[16:23:20] Connected

[16:23:33] Server capacity [Babel] [92.55%]

[16:23:35] Login: Sending login credentials

[16:23:35] Connecting to the agent server []

[16:23:36] Connected
Even after upgrading my pc i still have it happen every once in a while when the server is more full
But that agent server isn’t in the list even when you select a gateway.
Edit: Also the phbot config file doesn’t update the same way either

Edit 2: I think i figured out how to manually fix it. If it works i will share a guide on how to so far it has worked for 2 people i am helping fix it on babel. Pain in the ass to do if it does keep working

my pc is quite acceptable. core i5, 12 gb rams, i have the same exact problem.