Silkroad R palmyra

the XP bar usually reset when i relogin before its ending…

but i tried now with a char with no premium(& vip ofc)
and the bar didnt reset…

does it have to meet some conditions for it to rest?
like certain time passed?
has to have an premium?

I’m on Xian but what I notice is that it doesn’t reset fully, and you need to log out in town before DC or else the bar doesn’t reset, also as soon as you go bellow 50% or less like 0% it will never reach 100% before the server reset.

What I have is a condition on the bot to go back to down and DC when the exp ratio is <100% this way the bot DC and Reconnectes and like half the bar of 100% resets

if you do this outside a town it wont reset anything, from my experience

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