Silkroad official servers


I want to play in the official servers after years but there are a lot of changes.
there is Joymax, JC Planet, Silkroad online and Silkroad-R, what is the difference?
and what is the fatigue system and the payment methods are weird have to use cachu or something similar, cant use paypal or credit cards.
any clarifications?


JC Planet bought Joymax and added their own login system that uses email. I have not looked at their payment systems. They should still accept PayPal but it wouldn’t be with premium silk.

what is the difference between premium silk and silk?

do i get the vip in both?

Premium silk items can be traded in game but normal silk cannot. I believe you get VIP on both but I’m not sure.

only silk premium can be vip

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best login way is by email
incase u have ALOT of place’s to login with … email is unforgettable

u can buy with paypal … or creditcards in general … but normal silks … cant trade its items … cant get vip

make sure to choose a server near ur region(EUorUS)

it takes:
6~12month to reach 119
6~12month to reach 131
6~9(xD)years to reach from 131 to 140

this is not an active game
meaning for those who u see with good items … are mostly peeps with jobs or other life activities
as in
its BOT+AFK 24/7
(some i know check there character once/twice a week)
ingame activities are:
mostly FortressWar once a week
(where lots of players magically appears…)
& job fights
its a Pay2Win
but Free2Play

u see some rich person with an old car that breaks alot but he still keep/fix & drive it at weekends for the “dayOff from life/work/family”
thats silkroad…

if ur here for hyped gaming
this is not ur need
SMITE / League of Legends / DOOM… (& other fast matching games is your thing)

might find some savage harassment like this ingame


forgot to mention
neverwinter by Arc games
almost the same idea as silkroad
but newer engine
8~9 mastery’s/attack style
very BIG open worlds & area’s & dungeons
buying/sell items
pimping items
fellow/pet with item pimping too
guild war
text&voice chats ingame
1server Only with no login line/traffic & got thousands of players
Quests & story’s mostly voiced
can run on old/weak PC’s
PC & console
(thats all what just popped up my head right now…)

with no bots
every player u see is manually playing…