Silkroad CPU

again why does silkroad abuse the sh1t out of my CPU?
opening 1 client … push heat to 80c
opening 2 client … heat reach 100c
i can cook egg on it

  1. Because they changed it to render while in the background.
  2. If you’re hitting 80c you need a new cooler.

no sro = 41~44c
while on clientless = 49~51c
client opened but hidden = around 56~60c
client opened = 80~87c
2 open client = 100c

i dont know but does 100c heat harm the PC?
i mean its not melting…

and is there a way in windows10 to reduce CPU usage on certain programs?

does changing some of this or disabling some helps?

If you get this Heat at silkroad then is something wrong with your pc

on my windows vista 32bit old PC
i can keep 8 client opened (windowed) near each other to monitor my characters … and it works good

not this though
since day 1 of win10

maybe its by passive to stay heated to run correctly?

anyways i read somewhere that disabling some threads in CPU for certain programs … as shown in picture above … lowers the CPU heat … but don’t know or haven’t found details on how or what to do… any clue or guides on this matter?

This is a program that allow you to sett how many cores u want to alocate to a one specific program. Saying u have 4 x cores. U can set sro client run all time only in the first core or on secund etc.

whats the source of this program? where is it from?
i’ll check it out…