Setup fail

phbot download setup fail pls help ı cant use

You need to provide more information. Give a screenshot of whatever error you’re getting.

ı can t share sreen shot.ıphbot installer
i turn it on and start it but after it is done phbot doesn’t show up.(okay ı now found how to send screenshot)
dude i solved problem :DDD

yesssss i dıd ıt :DDD

and not have phbot.exe.

I set up an account after buying phbot, will it be a problem?

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aynı sorun bende de var dünden beri uğraşıyorum ama yapamadım.

Silkroad is pushing and I don’t have time to spare it. I need a phbot. If the problem is not solved, I’ll ask for a refund.

Is it necessary to speak English?

Yes english or we can’t help. Is your antivirus deleting it?

already today
I recently bought

not have antivırus program(ı cant send screen shot)max

I have the same problem

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Uploading: 2021-01-06 (5).png… 2021-01-06 (5)

All these images are not helpful lol. Try using a VPN to install it.

I tried but it didn’t happen again…

install it manually