Settings to pick pet arrow


PhBot v25.3.3 here. I have a bow character with pick pet. So how exactly should I tune my pick filter settings so that my char will collect till total arrow in inventory+pet inventory more than say 500? I just want it to keep picking arrows so I wont be running out of arrows and have a steady supply of it all the time. I tried pick pet:yes and quantity=500 but it kept picking.

There was another topic in Nov '20 about arrow pick but nobody mentioned how to set it there so sorry if this counts as a repost.

Thanks in advance,

You can set the max quantity in the pick filter. It should not pick more than the amount set. If you also use the Silk arrows those won’t be counted because they’re different items.

Hello, I set the quantity to 50 and now it picks as you suggested. However, if I use pick pet instead of pick, then it doesn’t count pet inventory and keeps picking with pet all the time. Yes it moves arrows from pet inventory to my inventory however I can’t stop picking arrows with pet.

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