Setting up Qt5


The latest versions of Qt5 do not support Windows XP any longer. Past version 5.7.1 there are issues getting SQLite to work properly.

  1. Download Qt 5.4+ source ZIP (must be ZIP), Qt Online Installer, Visual Studio Add-in for Qt5, and jom

  2. Extract it to C:\Qt5 (this is the place where all my projects will be pointed to)

  3. Edit and remove everything but qtbase unless you need the other modules included


3a. Edit qtbase\mkspecs\win32-msvc2013\qmake.conf


to DEFINES if you plan to target XP.

  1. Open the Visual Studio command prompt

  2. cd to your Qt5 folder

configure.bat -static -opensource -no-opengl -no-angle -no-harfbuzz -nomake tests -nomake examples -skip qtwebengine
  1. jom

  2. Install the Visual Studio Add-in for Qt5

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