Setting up multiple accounts

Ive got a question.

I am trying to set up 1 pt for a private server. the HWID limit is set at 2 I have 3 laptops Is there a way using google cloud to have the manager work for all the phbots? or am i stuck having to go to each computer when i need to look at something or change coordinates for training area?

That’s not possible. You will need to run the Manager on each PC.

alright thank you. i’ll just run them how I do with sbot then.

Enable remote desktop and remote in. Easy.

yes thats what i do. chrome remote desktop.
Can i have the phbot client for each char in a separate folder or does it have to be on each invdivdual pc.
I know i will have to update the directories to match each pc

only reason for uusing google cloud is to make transferring scriipts a hell of alot easier

Single folder is fine. You may be able to store it all on GCloud and run it from there, however, you can only have one bot update the database when there is a game update. If you need to launch clients the game path will also need to be exactly the same on all PCs. It’s probably best to have local copies of everything.

If the game client needs an update I normally go to each computer and update it manually, that is what you are referring to correct?
and I’m trying to be a little extra as well. because running 2 full pts sucks ass and i am trying to make it as easy to start, maintain and play

Yes. I would use one folder on each PC instead of GCloud. With RDP you can copy and paste files so that may be easier than Chrome.

Almost every area in the game supports path finding (including caves) so you shouldn’t need a script unless you want to take a specific route.

okay awesome!
wait really!!! when was that added!

February ish.

i wish phbot has a remote management option :)) connect remote phbot and transfer gui changes to the remote