Set Manager to use specific proxy for each Group

Is there a way to set the manager to use a specific proxy for each group? also set the login numbers for each group? it will be easy to manage proxys :slight_smile:

No just per character.

then is there a way that i can use multiple Manager? il set 1 manager to use my local ip and the second manager where i got 6 accounts to use 2 different proxy

You can have multiple Managers running but I don’t see how that helps you.

you have to make 4 managers for 4 proxies

Manager 1 has Chars 1 and 2 from every pt
Manager 2 has Chars 3 and 4 from every pt
Manager 3 has Chars 5 and 6 from every pt
Manager 4 has Chars 7 and 8 from every pt

now you have way to open 1 pt at once, this works very fine for me, and this is my idea
you can buy 4 proxies to 4 parties 1 pt open at once, this is the only way for you right now, the other one is buy for every 2 chars 1 ip proxy, i think you have to test my idea, it will suits you.

Its just wasting cpu nothing more what about to make 4 ip for per group :joy::joy:

i had a big problem on my network in Egypt, i left anything about proxy :smiley: :smiley: and now sell everything will leave soon, :smiley: , but when i open 10 managers CPU i5 was ok 3rd Gen

can u teach me how to use proxy ?